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Education. Equity. Empowerment.

Equipping ORR Shelters with Educational Tools to Serve Unaccompanied Minors

Learn how One Journey Together can help you to meet your goals!

We go above and beyond ORR expectations to provide education that is empowering to each student.

Entrance and continuing assessment of student learning

Curriculum designed with unaccompanied minors in mind: trauma-informed, culturally-sensitive, and highly engaging

Training for educators and administrators in working with this demographic of students and their education

Evaluation and recommendations based on your unique educational goals. 

All of our curriculum is aligned with ORR Standards

We work hard to not only meet government requirements for education at ORR shelters, we also aim to go beyond to offer education that empowers students to see their own value!

Get unlimited access to our curriculum and courses.

Get instant access to over 150 lessons with integration of Social Studies, Math, Art, English, PE, Science, and ESL.
All of our lessons are trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and hands-on in order to bring high quality education to each center!

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